Website Simulations

coffeegulper Community Member Posts: 13
I am working on developing my first course on WebEx Setup, Tips and Etiquette.  One major item is to create a simulation that will allow the end user to experience the WebEx site and even schedule a meeting in Outlook using the WebEx add-ins.  I am not finding a lot help in this community on simulations especially for websites.


  • alockwood6897
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    I don't know if you've gotten any traction on this, but most of our simulation activities have been custom-built from the ground up. It's often a combination of images, usually layered upon one another and series upon series of actions and variables.

    Simulations are a headache on the best day, but totally doable with good planning. Depending on how involved the process is, might be better suited to an instruction video and detailed instructions available for printout.