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It's obviously not my week... I am using someone else's template and they are using tests. After doing the test, they process the test and the lesson goes to a result page which announces the score and also whether the student has passed or failed.

I cannot for the life of me identify a variable which contains the test score. Nor can I work out how Lectora decides whether a test is passed or failed (at the moment I am using Lectora 16.1.2 Inspire). There is a Test Behavior section which determines pass or fail, but I cannot seem to get into it.

I just know that you guys have an answer... I could calculate everything by and but really don't want to do that.

Helppppp!!!! (I hate quizzes - maybe that's why)


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    Actually I think I solved it - there is a section in the Gradings group of the results ribbon which deals with this - including whether the test should be graded and once it is, the result is stored in VAR(Test_Score).

    Sorry for raising a false alarm ...