CourseMill and PDFs

Hello all,

I don't know if this is the correct place for this kind of question, but I figured that I'd start here. At my work, we develop courses using Lectora and we use CourseMill as our LMS. We have a course that we are developing in Lectora and we want to have the certificate at the end of the course print as a PDF. As I am sure that you all know, this can be achieved by using an OnPrint action on a button and selecting a printer that can print to a PDF. For our PDF, we want to skip all of that so that if a user doesn't have a printer, they can still have the certificate as a PDF. If people wanted to print, they can, technically, still print from within the PDF itself.

To accomplish this new PDF idea, we need two pieces of information. The first is the Date. I wrote some JavaScript on the PDF that will pull in the date once the PDF is opened. The second piece of information that we need is the person's name. I know that this information is stored in CourseMill (largely because Lectora pulls it in). Is there a way to pull the user's name from CourseMill on an external PDF outside of Lectora? At the end of the course, when the user opens the PDF in Lectora, the theory is that the PDF should pull in their name from CourseMill and that day's date. But since this is a PDF and is not native to Lectora, I am curious as to how we can go about pulling this information from CourseMill. Any ideas?

Thank you all for your time!