Lesson and Course Completion AICC/CMI actions

cmetzler2560 Community Member Posts: 58

I'm developing a SCORM course in LO that does not have an Exam, and I need some help determining if I have the AICC/CMI completion codes in the correct order and places, or if my manifest file is wrong. I'm not sure how to roll up the course completion of just the lesson AUs.

I have 3 lessons. The user is required to complete each lesson, to complete the course.

In the attached, I'm showing how the action looks now in each lesson. When I scorm test, the lesson scores as completed before I've gone through it to the end, and the course status reports completed, while the Success status reports Unknown.

I tried adding a new variable per AU to capture when a lesson is complete, and actions to the root of the title to capture AICC and CMI. When I scorm test and launch each lesson and then close it without going through it, the lesson scores incomplete, while the course scores Completed/Passed.

So I'm not sure if maybe the manifest is just wrong; I've got 3 items with imsss:sequencing for each, and a final imsss:sequencing.

I apologize if the above sounds confusing this is hard to explain. What am I doing wrong? Is there a sample link someone can send me to gather intelligence?

Thanks in advance,
Christina Metzler