How CourseMill Handles Orgs

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So with CourseMill 7.5 out we have our new user interface and web services. I believe a re-work of the admin interface was going to be targeted for the next release, and had a few thoughts on how we would like to see the use of orgs change in CourseMill. Love to hear other thoughts from you all on how you utilize orgs or would like to see them change as well.


At Auto-Owners we are currently using orgs to allow us to divide the functional business units of our company up within the LMS. So for example, we have a claims org which is administrated by our claims training team and populated with all associates who are in the claims division. We like this setup for a few reasons.


1. Since courses belong to an org, this allows us to control who can actually make changes to the content. For example, only an admin in the Claims org can make changes to a claims course.


2. This also provides some filtering to the training options that users see. Right now if you are in the claims division all you see are claims courses, and don't have to wade through all the others divisions courses that don't apply to you.


Although we enjoy the content protections and filtering orgs provide us, we would like to see some additional flexibility allowed in future versions of CourseMill.


1. Course creators should have a way to expose their course outside of their org if they want to. They would still control the content, but it could be assigned to users in other orgs and/or made available in their course catalog. You could even grant admins in those other divisions the ability to assign the course to their users.


2. Users should be able to exist in multiple orgs. We often have associates who are transitioning from one division to the next and could use access to both orgs for a while. We also have associates who work in one division, but do a lot of work for another division as well. It would be nice if a user could be a member of every org that made sense for them at the time.


Of course if you add this flexibility, it does add some complexity to the course catalog and registered courses sections of the student UI. Now a student can see and be signed up for courses from multiple orgs, so it would be good if some filtering were put in place to allow you to see only content from one or more of the orgs available to you.

Love to hear more thoughts on this topic. This has been a real struggle for us for quite some time. In fact we have to run two instances of CourseMill just to get around it.