Software upgrades break Results pages

ahetherington9113 Community Member Posts: 132 ☆ Roadie ☆
If you upgrade your Lectora Inspire software, the results pages in Tests may get screwed around.

I've found that I needed to select the test, select the Results tab, deselect the "Show Test Results" check box, then select it to turn it on again.

If you've formatted your results, and you don't want to have to re-format every one, you can save the results page in the library and then add it back after you turn the Show Test Results check box back on. Then delete the extra results page that is added.



  • egreen2792
    egreen2792 Community Member Posts: 2 ☆ Roadie ☆
    I liked your idea of making it a library object, but it didn't work for me.  The bad formatting was still there.  I've spoken to support about this issue.  Really the big annoyance is that it doesn't save any of your Results formatting.
  • ahetherington9113
    ahetherington9113 Community Member Posts: 132 ☆ Roadie ☆
    I think it also works to select the question in the title explorer, click Edit Question, then click OK to close the Question Creator dialog box. Maybe it resets the question/results link or something...