Descriptive audio for video

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A client is asking about implementing a descriptive audio track that can be toggled on or off with the media player. Is this possible with Lectora?

Thank you for any guidance!



  • comalley5856
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    Hi Richard -

    I'm going to suggest that you join the Lectora Accessibility User Group and post your question. Members of that group may have more information on this. By posting on that group page, you may get a quicker reply.

    There are TWO components to the group.
    1. Our group on the Lectora Community Form at
    2. Participation in live discussions related to developing accessibile e-Learning with Lectora. To participate, register at  This will add you to my mailing list.
    I hope this helps,

  • setarcos
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    Hi Christine,

    Thanks for the tip. I'll check that out.

  • jasonadal
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    Hi Richard - I'll second Christine's suggestion. LAUG is a great group, though I have to admit I've not been as active as I'd like to be!

    That's a tough ask from the built-in media player, though something that you might consider adding to the suggestion forum. With more and more focus on accessibility, that would be a phenomenal feature.

    My thought is that it would take either a custom skin and JavaScript to get it to work with the default player, where the custom skin has a button to toggle the descriptive audio using JavaScript. The player is based on mediaelement.js so you may be able to find something there that addresses this question.

    Otherwise, thoughts about multiple audio files, a separate pause button or JavaScript that cause both to pause, and a separate button to mute/unmute the descriptive track.

    Now you have me thinking about it, especially with the software simulation courses I've developed!

  • setarcos
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    Hi Jason. Thanks for the great suggestions. I figured it would take some custom implementation by way of skin and/or JavaScript.

    As far as multiple audio files, the client actually had another developer try to build this functionality into an Articulate course, but they were having trouble keeping Play/Pause in sync.

    I'll know more about their specific requirements on Monday, so I'll check back.
  • joejubee
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    The JW player (which, as I can tell - is the one that is used inside Inspire) completely supports audio descriptions - it's all handled by the XML or the embed code that one uses when designing something in HTML. I assume that Trivantis would "just" need to add in a properties section for the video player where we could point to audio description files, thumbnails, multiple captions, etc... Granted, I assume it's not that straight forward for Trivantis, but that's how I think it will need to be done.