Some MP4 videos play in Flash player, others don't

smiller7502 Community Member Posts: 181
We're looking into the cost of converting some courses that still use Flash to use HTML5 instead, and while investigating that we've discovered that some MP4 videos are played by the Flash player and others are played by the browser, using the same browser on the same PC.

To keep the discussion simple, I'm going to define "bad" as the Flash player playing the video and "good" as the browser playing the video.

"Bad" courses were published from Lectora versions 12.1.4, 16.2.1 and 17.0.5. A "good" course was published from 16.2.2. While not conclusive, that makes me suspect it's not the Lectora version, since we have "bad" courses from both earlier and later versions than the version that produced the "good" course.

There's a variable called useHTML5video used in ScormFrame.aspx in all four courses. That variable is set in trivantis.js. The relevant sections of the trivantis.js file in all four courses are identical. (The files created by the later three versions include a short block of code that's missing from the v12 version, but that block of code clearly isn't the issue since it's present in two "bad" courses and one "good" one.)

Anybody have a theory?