Disable Next button until all linked pages visited

pvalleley3585 Community Member Posts: 17
Hi, hope someone can help

I have a page (page 1) with four buttons each of which take users to 4 other pages (pages 2-5) to view a diagram and back to page 1 via a close button on each. This works fine.

However, I also have a (disabled) next page button on page 1 that I want to become enabled to go to page 6 once all 4 buttons have been clicked but I cannot get this to work.   I’ve tried adding a variable to each button that adds 2 each time it is clicked and an onshow setstate action (to a text box on page 1) if variables 1, 2, 3 and 4 are greater than one 1 to enable the next button but the best I can do is enable it by just clicking one button not all 4.   Can anyone help?