Chrome issues with Auto Text on template

schapman1885 Community Member Posts: 53
Has anyone else encountered this issue with Chrome recently. I have the newest version of Chrome and on 17.1 (can't update to 17.1.1 just yet). In my course, I have template set up that populates the Chapter name, Page Name and Page number on each individual page. In a new course that I am working with, these items do not populate in Chrome.

Not realizing it was Chrome, I pulled an older course over and ran it in Chrome...these items populated nicely. So, I opened it up and republished it. Viola... they stopped populating.  WHAT? So, for giggles, I opened that course up in Firefox and IE... and low and behold, those field populated.  So, I tried my new course in both.. same result.  Any others with this issue... any work arounds?