Seamless Play Causes Course Not to Show in IE 11

tecocat Community Member Posts: 389 ♪ Opening Act ♪
I'm testing my e-course in ReviewLink prior to an upcoming user testing session and I'm finding that, if I select Seamless Play, when I try to access my e-course in IE 11, the course doesn't seem to show at title page, navigation elements, etc. It works fine in Chrome though, at least in terms of the course being visible (I didn't actually go through the course in Chrome, so there could be other problems). When I republish with Seamless Play deselected, it loads fine in IE 11. I'm using Lectora version 17.1.1, in case that matters.

I seem to remember having problems with Seamless Play in the past, so I just turned it off, but I thought maybe things were better now, which is why I tried it again. But, sadly, no....