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Any advice on how to use SCORM information from an LMS to re-start a lesson at a point where student had previously left off? I am not sure of what is stored on the LMS and how to get it back to start at the previous stopping point. Basically, I do not want students to be able to complete only when they do the entire lesson in one sitting (or be counted as complete if they have done only part of the lesson).

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  • carlfink
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    Andrew, Lectora lets you set the "Return to last visited page" thing within the actual course, instead of using the SCORM API to find that page. It's generally easier--if you can do it that way I recommend it.
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    Thank you very much <span class="bbp-user-nicename"><span class="handle-sign">@&lt;/span>CarlFink</span> . My concern was that this facility was available only on computers previously used to do the lesson but apparently, it interrogates the LMS database or SCORM engine.