start/stop animaged .gif

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Scenario:  I have an animated .gif that I don't want to start playing until the user clicks a button on the page.  Is there a way to do this with actions inside of Lectora, or using JavaScript?

(my current setup to fake it, is I have 2 pages that look the same.  A still image is on the first page with action to go to next page when clicked.  On that 2nd page I have the animated .gif which start immediately).  Works, but looking for something cleaner.
- Adam Cain


  • smiller7502
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    How 'bout:
    1. Set the animated image to initially hidden.
    2. Add a still image of the frame you want displayed until the animation starts.
    3. On click, hide the still image and show the animation.
  • cainam
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    Thanks Stan!  cleaner than the 2-page solution.  ; )
    - Adam Cain