XML Parsing Error

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Hello - lots of help needed on this one.

Working wit Lectora 17.1.1. Lectora crashes. Try to re-open file: Get 2 errors:
(a) Error during XML parsing and
(b) Error reading attributes.

I look in the XML file and notice there are strange characters. Looks like the file got corrupted somewhere along the way.

Any clue? Although I was backing up regularly while working the backup has been compromised.

Thanks for any ideas.


  • timk
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    It's been a while since this happened to me the last time. You can try to compare the AWT in an editor with a working file. For me these errors occured because some of the tags near the end of the file weren't properly closed. Maybe you can correct it by copying the missing parts from the working file.

    If you can share the file I can take a look as well. Sorry I don't know a standard reliable way to solve issues like this.
  • mlapl1
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    Thank you Tim. Interesting information. What actually happened is that despite religiously saving my files, there was no backup of the previous save. Lectora crashed for no apparent reason and in so doing destroyed the current XML codes (or at least corrupted them - toward the end I suspect, as you said). So I had nothing to compare against except a version many hours older. In the end, I was "saved" by my automatic backup to the cloud (pcloud.com) which although it had backed up the corrupted version also maintains what it calls a "rewind" service where it stores previous versions for several hours. I was able to retrieve a working version of the file minus about 1 hour of my latest work. That enabled me to rewrite the code in a fairly short time and without too much heartache. Of course, it did not solve the XML problem (i.e. why did it happen at all?).

    I had hoped that there might be some set process for fixing the XML files if something went wrong but it seems that there is not.

    Thanks again.
  • sol13705
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    Sadly this is an error that occurs mostly when you move the Lectora file from one folder to another. I have yet to resolve the issue and Trivantis is saying I need a Support subscription to address this issue. If anyone finds a solution, please let me know. I have checked the XML file and there are no errors, however my file is still not opening. Guess we'll have to switch to a product with better support.
  • carlfink
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    I've only personally seen this when I was saving my Lectora files to a folder on a networked server. For whatever reason, Lectora really, really prefers local storage. I wish Trivantis would fix this problem.