17.1.1 Scaling meh

approg Community Member Posts: 258 ♪ Opening Act ♪
I tested the new scaling option in 17.1.11 (11224) and:
  • It doesn't centre the content in the window correctly,
  • It doesn't scale to the maximum size possible for a given window size,
  • On IE and Edge with smaller window sizes it gives you unnecessary scroll bars (if you scroll you can no longer see the content),
  • Calling the option "Scale content to fill to Window" (instead of "Scale content to fill Window") is for me an odd use of English,
  • On at least Chrome, drag and drop questions fail if you resize the window larger.
Also if you right mouse click on the Lectora exe icon and select properties it says the product version is 16 and not 17.1.1 which it is.


  • mallow76
    mallow76 Community Member Posts: 123
    Yes - i've found this too. In fact I have found a number of new features to be pretty poorly implemented - Responsive Views, Seamless Play etc.

    On another note, have not seen any chat about v18, is it not at this time of year we usually see what the next big upgrade will bring?