Substituting quizzes on a page

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Hello... I think I am about to ask a silly question but the old hands here can probably help.

I have a page with a mcq quiz on it. I would like to keep the page intact and replace the mcq quiz with another mcq quiz. I guess I should just make multiple copies of the page but... instead... can I just replace the quiz on the page? Can I use change contents or something like that?

Advice gratefully received


  • timk
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    You can only target question parts through JS, not in Lectora. It would be a lot effort as there's the question logic behind it, i.e. you'd have to modify the correct answer as well. I suppose it should be easier to copy and edit the question.
  • mnotermans5114
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    You can convert the .awt to .xml... open it in some texteditor of choice and change whatever you need/want in that particular quiz. Biggest issue would be finding the part you want..and changing only whats needed. But it works. Fixed quite some things this way before.

    Be sure though to use a copy ;-) A mistake is easily made. Then when converting your .xml back to wont open anymore...
  • klaatu
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    If you duplicate the page and just change the question it should appear as though only the question changes.
  • mlapl1
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    Thank you all very much.I suspected there was no space/time-saving way around the problem.