Drag and Drop not registering correct answers

schapman1885 Community Member Posts: 53
I am still working on this massive and expensive drag-and-drop interaction. I have 9 drop zones and 12 drag items. I have gotten everything working, except, Lectora doesn't recognize when the question has been answered correctly.

I have the following for the drag items:

1 - 1, 2, 3

2 - 1, 2

3 - 1, 2

4 - 1, 2, 3

5 - 4

6 - 5

7, 8, 9 - n/a

10 - 6,7

11 - 6,7

12, 14 - 8,9

13, 15 - n/a

I KNOW it is something I've not got set up correctly. Any ideas?




  • schapman1885
    schapman1885 Community Member Posts: 53
    I guess I need to add that the items that can be in several places are mutually exclusive, so they won't all be in those places.


    1 can be in 1 but 4 can not be in 2 at the same time. I know this is part of the issue.
  • timk
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    After reading your description, I believe there's technically no way to answer the question correctly. To answer correctly you'd have to allocate items 1, 2, 3 and 4 on dropzones 1, 2, 3. With further restrictions like "item 4 cannot be on zone 2 if item 1 is on zone 1" it's getting more complex but even if you didn't have that you'd always have 1 item left undropped unless you allow more than 1 item on a dropzone.
  • timk
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    Is the question part of a Test, i.e. does it have to be "correct" in a technical way?
  • schapman1885
    schapman1885 Community Member Posts: 53
    Tim, thank you for responding. I had basically arrived at the same conclusion that you had. You can't answer the question. Fortunately, it isn't part of a test, but part of a "review." What I wound up doing was to create a variable and build it as I manually checked items off... And check that variable to determine if it is correct/incorrect.  Whew! I have about 35 if statements in an ActionGroup (and some of them use other ActionGroups). In retrospect, just coding it flat out in Javascript may have been simpler due to lack of nested ifs. But, I learned a lot in doing this... won't let a client request another one. :)