Show one group, hide many?

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I can't find anything (probably because I'm not searching the correct terms!) on how to set up an button to show a group and hide all other groups.  Seems like it should be simple, maybe using conditional statements with variables? I would hate to have to set up an action for every single group separately to show or hide.  Can anyone help or direct me to something?  Thanks so much!


  • clammers
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    Are you saying there is one button that, when clicked, will show different groups? Or multiple buttons that each show a particular group but hide all others?

    I have instances of the latter quite frequently: Buttons 1-5 show their correlating Groups 1-5. I create a 'Hide All Groups' action group then add two actions to each button: 1. Run Action Group, 2. Show Group #. Since the actions are run sequentially, the button first hides anything currently displayed, then shows the desired group.
  • mnotermans5114
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    My approach is this.

    1 actiongroup with actions in it hiding all buttons.

    Then whenever you want to show a particular button.


    That way you always hide everything..and then show the button needed.

    PS. Same logic as @clammers just didnot read it properly ;-)