Publish Strings

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Hi all

I'm currently working with titles in English, Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese. Whenever I make changes and then need to re-publish, I have to remember to change the Publish Strings.

I would love it if the publish strings could be associated with a title, rather than as a global setting.




  • timk
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    I fully agree.
  • mallow76
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    Does selecting the desired publish string set in the Language tab of the publishing options not do what you need it to do?
  • ahetherington9113
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    Hi @mallow76

    I never use the Languages tab of the Publish dialog, because those fields (Publish string set included) are only applied if you specify a translation file in the first field.

    Our translation process is by chapter, so I can't publish using just one translation file. For example my title has 24 chapters, so I create a copy of my title, export/translate/import each chapter, and publish with the relevant publish strings. There is also post translation editing required, to re-format where wording is longer, and also any images that I've placed into text captions have always been moved so I have to go and put those in etc.

    For very small titles I suppose the single file option would be useful. This is how I've been working so far, and of course I may be missing something, so if you know of a better way, I'd love to know about it!