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I'm interested in hearing others' thoughts on a page I've created for a software simulation based course.


There is a function within the course that is not keyboard accessible or read by a screen reader. The only access to the buttons is through use of the mouse to hover for a description or click to open the associated function.


As part of the course, I have learners select each button and drag it to the matching description. On the page, I do have text indicating that the feature is not accessible, including hidden text that refers sight impaired users to the audio on the page or the transcript. I have also included a "hidden" button and a keystroke that is used to continue to the next page.


I'm trying to decide if I should attempt to create an accessible version of the question, even though the function is not accessible. My inclination is that since the function is limited to sighted and mouse users, the reference to the transcript or audio and the button/keystroke to continue is sufficient.


What are others' thoughts or experiences when it comes to pages that discuss information usable only by sighted mouse users?


Here is a link to the page in question as well:


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