missing a001titlemgr.html and a001content.html

doskorus Community Member Posts: 2
I'm publishing a course (SCORM 1.2) and the resulting package does includes neither a001titlemgr.html nor a001content.html files. The 'Include Title Manager frame' option is greyed out but it is selected.

The resulting manifest does not reference them, and the course appears to work properly for me on SCORM cloud. Unfortunately it is not working properly on the clients LMS.

I don't know that is the reason the course isn't working, but it seemed unusual...

Anyone have similar experience? Any suggestions to getting the course to publish WITH those files?



  • raungnaing
    raungnaing Community Member Posts: 35
    It sounds like you have "Publish For Seamless Play" option enabled when you publish the title. With that option you will not see those files (a001titlemgr.html and a001content.html).

    You may want to try publishing again with that option off.

    Also, do you know what LMS your client is using?