Course get convert back to English even if we put the localized package


Myself  Pratik Athane, as a Production manager, I have already raise the issue to the forum, but I am not getting the respective and immediate answers. So I am reseeding the  query.

"Client has created the English course on the Lectora online server. Then for localization they have created the copy of the same source file with the extension of the languages.

We have then uploaded localized pkg package to the online course. Package get properly updated, then we have formatted the course and publish the build. This same thing we have done for other language. For ex. ES and ptbr.

Once we localized the ES course online with proper formatting and image insertion and move to the ptbr course for formatting and then again return back to the ES course. We see the course is revert back to English instead of ES language which should not be the case".

So can you please check and update us.

Thanks & Regards,

--Pratik Athane



  • ahetherington9113
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    Hi Pratik

    I'm currently having this exact problem. I follow a similar process, make a copy of the project file, import the localized content, re-format, then publish. There are chunks of English throughout... really weird!

    I've been publishing to additional languages for the past two years, but now I look at my localized .awt file and see the correct language (e.g. Russian, Portuguese, Spanish), then when I publish to html or ReviewLink, some pages show English language. My reviewers will think I'm crazy uploading an English version for them to Review!

    I'm using Lectora Inspire 17.1.3.

    I'm going to raise a ticket.