'Copy/Paste Style/Effects' Functionality

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I have a couple of minor UI/UX suggestions!

I'm often applying styles (strokes, fills, opacities) and effects (shadows) to a lot of objects within my courses. Rather than have to manually apply these settings, it would be awesome if I could right-click an object and copy/paste the style or effects - similar to how Photoshop handles copy/pasting of Layer Styles (see attached screenshot).

Also in the Shadow Options box it would be great if tabbing to the next parameter highlighted the current value in each box, so I can quickly tab through and punch in new values over the top. Currently it adds characters in front of the default value of 0, so if I want a 5px blur I press '5' but it comes out as '50'.


  • mmallimo7819
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    Hi Cam,

    Thank you for the great suggestions. We will definitely consider the ability copy/paste effects to different objects in the future. As for your second suggestion, I went in and improved the tabbing in that dialog so that it will highlight the entire box rather than place the cursor at the beginning.  Be on the look out for the improvement in our next release!
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    One temporary suggestion might be to Save as Library Object if you have frequently used styles on an object. I use these for quite a few buttons that I use regularly throughout my courses and can then drag and drop or double-click to add.
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    @mmallimo7819 - Thanks Matthew, tremendous! There are a couple of other tiny UX things like this but I can't remember where off the top of my head... when I track them down I'll submit another request.

    @JasonADal - Great suggestion Jason, I'll admit to not making use of the Library as much as I should!

    Thanks both,