Text resizing breaks Android app layout

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I created a native iOS and Android app using Lectora and PhoneGap (learned this from Sergey Snegirev's presentations). On the page in portrait orientation, I have a text block followed by buttons or an image. If the text size is increased (under the phone's settings), the text box expands and covers up the content that follows (attached is an extreme example - text set to max size). The buttons or image does not get pushed down the page as I would expect for responsive design.

It seems to me the easy way to solve this issue would be to disable user text adjustments from affecting the app. (Note that the web app version does not have this problem, so perhaps the browser is disabling it.) Does anyone know how I could do this?


  • klaatu
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    You really can't build a "native" mobile app unless you write it in the language of the device - Java (not JavaScript) for Android and Objective-C for iOS. Yes, there are derivatives and other languages such as C++, C# that work as well but those two are the official languages of those operating systems. It is only with these that you can access all the mobile devices native features and harness the power and speed necessary, especially if you use graphics.

    The basic idea with PhoneGap is that you code a website using standard HTML, CSS and JavaScript and it plays in a webview on the mobile device. Not even close to the power of a native app. That being said, Lectora does not follow normal web standards so PhoneGap probably has a hard time dealing with its published content. Because Lectora does not follow standards, I wouldn't build a regular website with it much less a mobile app (at least anything that you are planning on charging money).  If you're serious about mobile app development Learn Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS.

    I'm sorry that this is not the answer you want to hear,  perhaps one of the other programmers here will assist you in trying to get it to work as well as it can.