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mgarcia7928 Community Member Posts: 4
Hello, I've been trying  the Test version of Lectora 17. I uploaded a training with a quiz into MyLearning but when I completed it successfully the record said I didn't complete the exam. I contacted the Mylearning Support team and they told me there must be something wrong regarding the training configuration that the quiz is not active or linked with Mylearning.

How can I solve this issue?. I'm  intrested on buying your licence but I can't decide while I have this kind of troubles .


  • mnotermans5114
    mnotermans5114 Community Member Posts: 916
    Hi Maria,

    At some point in the quiz a variable needs to be set, so the LMS ( Learning Management System ), MyLearning in your case, knows the course is completed.  You have to check whether that variable is defined and set in your course, to ensure it will indeed send the complete/incomplete status to the LMS.


  • klaatu
    klaatu Community Member Posts: 988
    You really need to provide your work or something similar for us to look at or it's just guess work. Did you add an assignable unit and publish to SCORM?
  • mgarcia7928
    mgarcia7928 Community Member Posts: 4
    I send my file, if you could help me check whats wrong with it.

    and what variable is that I have to activate for Mylearning to recognize the training as complete when I finish the quiz?
  • mgarcia7928
    mgarcia7928 Community Member Posts: 4
    Hello, I sent  my file in a comment below. thanks.
  • mgarcia7928
    mgarcia7928 Community Member Posts: 4
    do you know the name of the variable? or where can i find it?
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