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Is there a way to have survey results updated if a user goes back and changes their answers? Or create an advanced report to pull only the most recent results for each student?

With our current report, if a student goes back and changes their responses, the data is unchanged. If a Reset Survey action is added, when the student retakes the survey, a new record is created.

What I would like to happen is that a student can change his/her responses and either a) have the report only capture the single, most recent submission; or b) have the report only display the single, most recent submission.


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    Hi Clammers - the 'Process Test/Survey' action should overwrite any previously submitted data.

    In one of my projects we have a test set up as a chapter with the Process action on the final page - if the learner decides to go back and change their responses, the Process action is retriggered and everything is resubmitted.

    How have you set up your Process action?
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    I have created a survey consisting of a series of questions spread across a couple of pages. On the last page of the survey, there is an action on the Done button (On: Mouse Click, Action: Process Test/Survey, Target: Survey 1).

    As it is structured today, if a student changes their response, nothing happens in the report. The course recognizes the change, but nothing new is submitted. I tried adding a Reset Test/Survey action at the onset of the survey, but this just creates a new record.