Variable Output Line Break

akrayenhagen9721 Community Member Posts: 23
Ok folks,

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to put in a line break after a variable is printed out? I suppose you might want to see what it is I'm talking about so I am uploading the Practical Exercise I'm working on. The idea is to check the typed answers, and if the answer is wrong it prints out in the box next to it. This idea in itself is easy, but when you are adding to the variable there needs to be a line break between each printout, this is where I'm having the issues. Everything wants to print in one line. The thing is, I don't want extra spaces between the printouts (i.e. printouts in individual boxes).


  • akrayenhagen9721
    akrayenhagen9721 Community Member Posts: 23
    OK Guys, I'm feeling quite idiotic! I decided to try something... As I stated before I tried adding a hard return AFTER the variable. This didn't work. So I thought to myself, "Self, lets just try adding a hard return BEFORE the variable and see if that works." Well guys, I'm here to tell you that it DOES in fact work. Lectora would automatically delete any hard returns after a variable but would NOT delete it BEFORE the variable. Just for Future reference ya'all.
  • aleal
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    Hi Andy.

    Could you share how you added this line break? Been reading on threads regarding the topic and all I've seen so far is the "/r" which didn't work for me.