Controlling the Next Button with variables

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I'm fairly new to this community.  I'm sure this problem has come up in these forums but I can't find anything so please excuse me if this appears too simple.

I have a course where the next button sits at the AU level and filters down to all the pages. On one of the pages I've placed a action to hide the next button until all of the questions are answered.  The questions are placed in such a way that it was meant to be answered quickly with immediate feedback popups.

A variable was created so that when you answer a question it adds a a number to the variable and when it reaches 4 it shows the next button.  It works great except when you go to the next page, or back page, and then return to this page, then all of the questions have been answered and there is no Next button.

How can I get the Next button to stay on the page when the user moves to another page and returns?  Under normal circumstances I don't think this is likely but it will be a problem for the user if they decide to return or accidentally move press the wrong button to move forward or back.



  • smiller7502
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    Try making the action that hides the Next button on that page conditional:
    1. Click the action in the title explorer.
    2. Click the Always button. You'll see the Set Action Conditions screen.
    3. In the Variable column, pick your variable from the list.
    4. In the Relationship column, pick Less than.
    5. In the Value column, type 4.
    6. Click OK.
    Now, your next button should be hidden only if the value of variable is less than 4 -- which it won't be when people come back to it from the next page.
  • snortz
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    Thanks for the tip.  I've tried this before and it didn't work.  I think the trick is the "Less than".  When I used that it works great. Thanks.