Randomized Questions Breaking Course (HTML Deployment)

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Hi Everyone,

I've recently wrapped up development on a suite of courses and have published them to HTML to be uploaded to our customer's microsite platform.

All of the courses work well, however any time we navigate to an assessment with randomized question pools, the course breaks and the learner is presented with a blank white screen. The debug and variable tracking windows also appear to be completely blank (see attached screenshots).

When the courses are run offline or on my personal webserver everything works as intended.

Strange issue as we're deploying to straight HTML! Has anyone ever encountered this before, or know of any server-level settings that could cause issues with randomized questions?




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    Update on this one - after republishing my courses a few times it all seems to magically work!

    I think the issue had something to do with the customer website we were deploying to - the server does a secure two-step to serve the pages, and I think the rapid firing of the navigation and randomisation actions was causing something to get stuck.

    No idea why it works now - suspecting the website vendor changed something on their end.