Shape image is not shown when published

tkosker1029 Community Member Posts: 26
I have a very simple page which has shape in dialog form. It shows fine when in debug, run or preview mode. But when I publish it, the image path is showing not images folder. It shows root of website and so it doesn't find the image file. I have copied and pasted the shape image from an another title. I have tried deleting and creating a new one but the result is same.

Does anyone have an idea how to fix it ?



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    Hi Tamer,

    If you're using Lectora 17, I believe all Lectora shapes are published as a scalable vector grahic (SVG) rather than an image file - it may be that the browser you're using to view your published output doesn't support SVG rendering?

    Might be worth swapping the shape out for a PNG shape and see if that works?