Success Factors LMS - SCORM course Exit button not working

We have about 400 Lectora SCORM 1.2 courses that we are migrating over to a new LMS (Success Factors).  We immediately noticed that the Exit button in the courses are not working.  They worked in our old LMS (Sumtotal).  If we re-publish a course and check the "course will be launched in a separate window" setting then then Exit button works in Success Factors.  The problem is that we don't want to re-publish 400+ courses.  Is there a back-end code fix that we could implement to correct this issue?

One rep suggested we make the following change to the scofunctions.js file:

"if( force && window.myTop ) window.myTop.close()
I would recommend that copy this line and paste it right below it. Then, comment out the first line using //. Once you have done this, remove the if statement so it always attempts to close the window. It should look something like this:  window.myTop.close();"

Unfortunately, that didn't work.  Any suggestions?



  • acarr3038
    acarr3038 Community Member Posts: 4
    Hi Robert,

    I have experienced the same issue when integrating Lectora SCORM packages to the Kalidus LMS. My workaround is to add a 'Run JavaScript' trigger, with a slight delay (0.2 secs) to your exit button with the following code:



    I hope this helps.

  • carlfink
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    The issue with Adam Carr's suggestion, of course, is that you'd still need to republish 400 courses. I don't think there's a way to avoid that, speaking as another Success Factors user.