Copy objects and their VAR's for use in same page

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I v searched the fora, but did not find anything that would give me the answer to this question:

I'v made 2 different entry's, (entry_1 and _2)  a couple of textobjects, a droplist1 and several VAR's . On the entry's and droplist I made actions like modify VAR etc.. They all belong to lets say 'one working set of elements'.  Like on  the image.

On the same page (!) I want that 'set' like 20 times more. That will take a while because Ill have to make every element of the set unique so they will not intervene with each other. For example VAR_entry1 has to be VAR_entry1_1 etc. and every action has to be set by hand.

That means a lot of there a way to 'automate' this within Lectora? Im using Publisher V 11.3.2

Thanks in advance :-)



  • timk
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    I don't think there's a way to do automatically, but to copy the group 20 times isn't that much work ;-) Just make sure to always copy all elements at the same time, i.e. the whole group. You can move all elements in the group downwards together, and all targets of all actions etc. will be automatically updated to reference the copies not the originals.
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    You could do that automagically.  You can open the Lectora.awt in any xml-editor and copy paste any elements you need. Biggest problem would be that you need to figure out how the elements in the xml/awt interact with eachother.

    If you need this once. Use Tim's advice, for sure the easiest approach.
    If you need this more often. Send me a sample setup and i can create a script for you that will create a Lectora.awt with the needed amount of elements.
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    Actually the most easy solution might be create a Library Object of it. Then you can simple insert it as much as needed.
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    @Tim, yes I tried that (before I went to this forum:_) but 1. the names of the copies has to be changed by hand....(although the object itself will be numbered as 2,3 etc.) but my problem 2. is that all the values en references must also be changed by the copy itself is not a problem but all the other 'stuff' thats 'hanging arround it' :-) Just like @Math says .

    @Math if your script will handle that problem im very interested......

    My problem is even bigger because I want to repeat the lot of it , on another 4 pages within the same title so thats a lot of work. I have to look for another solution, perhaps some javascript that does the counting or use the Ecxel-version I allready designed (not a lot of work compared to Lectora)

    Thanks for the thinking!


  • mnotermans5114
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    If you upload a sample with what you need. I make my script work with it.