Error Display in Page Popup answer: Unable to contact AICC Course Management Sys

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<span style="color: #1f497d; font-family: 'Calibri','sans-serif'; font-size: 11pt;">In  one of my test questions  I have the Correct Feedback as Show “Display Page in Popup” > Target (the answer page). Yet when it goes to that page which is the answer pop up I get the error " Unable to contact AICC Course Management System. This course must be run from within an AICC Course Management System for the course date to be recorded. Any ideas?</span>



  • davidcm
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    Any luck fixing this issue?
  • jasonadal
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    I can't find the forum post where I asked a similar question, but I do recall that it has to do with where in the course the answer page may be, specifically whether it is in the AU or not. Another idea may be to use a Go To -> Answer Page -> Open In New Window.

    If the answer page is outside the AU, this may be the cause, so moving it inside the AU, maybe as part of a chapter/page at the end then use the Go To above to access the page. If you're using a TOC, remember to exclude that chapter/page.

    This is based on another post, There is a GoTo action that points to a page outside its AU, that may be similar in nature.
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    Thanks for the quick replay, Jason. A client of mine is having this issue with pop-ups: clicking hyperlinks to reveal a term's definition or additional information brings up the error message. All of the pages in the title are included in the AU and all pop-ups open in a new window.  The error message appears when published to AICC but it doesn't occur in Scorm. The title was created in Lectora 17.