Test score becomes AICC score automatically, right?

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Scenario and a question...

In an assessment course I built (just a buncha questions), students who passed the course got 100% complete (yay)...

...but their score was always registering as 0. So even though their score might’ve been say 80, they showed a score of 0 (and a status of 100% complete).

I tested this myself and got the same thing.

While the passing part was good, I want the correct score to be reflected as well.

My SOLUTION to the problem was to add code on the “You passed” page that says...

On Pageload, modify variable AICC score, set equal to <Beef-Cutting_test_score> (Beef cutting test was the name of the “test” object in Lectora).

So this worked.

HERE’s the QUESTION (finally)...
  • Shouldn’t a course with a single test automatically pass the test score along as the AICC score as well?
    I shouldn’t have to code this manually, should I?
  • Secondarily, do I need to specify a status change to “passed’ or “Completed” or is that also taken care of in the single test scenario?
Thanks, guys!


  • jmortenson
    jmortenson Community Member Posts: 16
    HO HA! Yes! I found it!

    In test Behaviors, there is a checkbox called "Include test score in overall score." It was deselected. Normally, this is selected. See screenshot below.

    I had previously turned this checkbox off in TEST settings (almost never mess with it) because this course USED TO have 2 separate tests (depending on which type of store you were in).

    We recently made it uniform across all stores so I removed the “other test” within the course. But I never re-selected this checkbox on account of I just didn’t remember to turn it back on.

    I also learned this...

    <span style="color: #000000; font-family: Times New Roman;">If you have a SCORM title that includes a graded test, the test score should pass automatically. You should not have to add that AICC_Score action. (Although that is a simple workaround.) And when a graded test is passed (score >= minimum) Lectora will set the AICC_Lesson_Status as well. If you do NOT have a graded test then you will need to add an action to ModVAR AICC_Lesson_Status = Completed.</span>

    Anywho, thought I'd share the learnings, y'all.