Microsoft Surface Pro - Lectora course not working

skings5565 Community Member Posts: 12 ☆ Roadie ☆
Lectora version - 17
LMS - Moodle

We have tested the course (and other courses) on every browser and most devices (android and apple) and it works as expected.

However, we are having a problem going through our Lectora courses using Microsoft Surface Pro using Microsoft Edge. The course works well on Google Chrome browser.

We use audio in our courses, here is what happens for a standard page with interaction:
1) The first audio plays well and text 1 is shown.
2) The user clicks on an icon which reveals a popup and plays audio, once the audio has finished the user can click on the next icon
3) The user clicks on icon 2 which reveals the popup but no audio plays, which means the user cannot complete the page or move onto the next icon as the course relies on the action in the audio

This happens with every page with 3 or more audio, you can click on any icon and always the 2nd icon clicked doesn't play sound.

We have looked into figuring out the navigator.platform. Microsoft Surface uses Win32 which is the same as most standard Microsoft desktop/laptop computers. We don't know how to detect if the user is using a Microsoft Surface Pro as it's not a tablet but works differently to a computer.

Has anyone come across this issue or know how to solve it?