Test Error Messages + Text/Images Not appearing When Published

mwold1283 Community Member Posts: 1
New user here, and need some troubleshooting help.  First, I have knowledge checks that I copied/pasted from another course where they worked fine to save time.  In the new course, I get all kinds of error messages on each knowledge check when the Submit button is clicked to move to the results page.  (LMSSetValueError).  I am thinking this is the course and the LMS not playing nicely together, but is it something in Lectora that I have to do to make it work?  It works when I publish to HTML.  It would not work in Review Link though either (no error message there, it just stopped the course from moving forward).

My other issue is now when I publish to ReviewLink, HTML or the SCORM file into our LMS, it has little "X" symbols where most of my images and/or text boxes should be.  It worked fine in ReviewLink and HTML, then it suddenly didn't.  Any ideas on what I can check for this?