Video not loading until it is paused.

cdennis6926 Community Member Posts: 1

I am experiencing an issue where a video in a scorm 1.2 module will not load until the video is played and then paused. The module was created in Lectora 17.0.3 and is being presented in peoplesoft ELM.

The page with the video loads in my LMS, and about a minute and twenty seconds loads immediately with. If you press play, that minute and twenty seconds will play, but when it runs out the screen freezes and the video controller disappears. The video does not load any further than that initial load.

However, if I press play, then press pause before the minute and twenty seconds is finished playing, the rest of the video will load and the video will play through to the end.

Has anyone ever experienced this? Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this issue?

Thanks for any ideas.