View Question Text in LMS

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Hi all!

My LMS team (that uses SABA) asked me about being able to see the question text when they run a report for test questions within a course.  For example, they want to run their report and see not only if John Doe missed question four, but what the actual question was instead of a code, number string, or something like 'Question 4.'

At one point the difference was SCORM 1.2 (does not show question text) versus SCORM 2004 (does show question text), however, we just did a test where we published a course in each and neither one displayed the question text in her report.

What, in Lectora, if anything, do we need to check, uncheck, etc?

Or, could the issue lie in the LMS itself?

All suggestions are welcome as we are hoping it is something simple we overlooked.

Thank all...have a great day!