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I'm experiencing an issue with a simple 'on click show text action' whereby I am using a transparent mask sitting over a key word in a sentence in a text box. The action linked to the mask (which sits on top of the text) simply shows a call-out box of additional text once it is clicked. I have a close button in the call-out box which hides it, but when I try to click my mask again, the call-out will not re-appear. Why would this action work the first time and not a subsequent time??? Any help appreciated. Thanks, Adam


  • klaatu
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    It would be helpful if you posted an example of the issue you are having. In the mean time is this what you're after?
  • amoodie8213
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    Hi Darrel, Thanks very much for responding. I have since identified what the issue was. It was to do with transitions. I had several items (text box, exit button and background image) in a 'Call-out' group and a fade transition selected at the group level. As soon as I removed the fade transition at the group level and left the group as 'none' in the transitions - suddenly the 'click to reveal' action, behind the associated text mask, which displayed that particular group became repeatable. I'm guessing that this is a bug, as I don't see why specifying a group level transition type should render an an action that shows that particular group, only able to be used in the first click instance. anyway, thanks again!
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    Timing maybe. The element you want to click aint available for clicking because it is still in transition.

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  • amoodie8213
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    Thanks Math - I worked out that it was a Group level transition selection bug, since removal of the transition at a group level and placing the same transition on each of the group items, the problem rectified itself.