Feature Request - Continuation of Numbered items

In some of my training, I have numbered lists that cannot fit all on one page.  The problem is that when having to continue on to another page, there is no option to either continue numbering from where you left off, or designate what number to start from on the next page.

I would like to see the option to continue numbering onto another page (or the ability to start from a certain number), similar to Word.

I tried manually typing in the next number with the content. But the problem comes in when it wraps.  While normally I would do a line break and then some spaces; but, with having to adjust the content for all views it doesn't stay in the correct location when sizing.

The only options as workarounds were to either create multiple versions of the text boxes for various views, or creating the content in something else and creating a graphic of it.  Either way, it is a bit cumbersome.



  • swu7570
    swu7570 Community Member Posts: 12
    The option of specifying a number/value for numbered lists should be available in the Home tab -> List Properties icon next to the number and bullet lists icons.

    You can either select the whole text block object to change every numbered list inside OR highlight specific lines of text during editing and then clicking on the List Properties icon.  From your example, say you had numbers 1-15 number lists on the text block, you can simply copy paste this into the next page.  Once its in there, have the text block selected, go to List Properties and in the dialogue specify "Starting Value" to be 16 for example and the list should update to 16-31.

    I've attached a screenshot of where the List Property Icon is located.  You can modify the "types", "size", "starting value" and "color" of the bullet/numbered lists here also independently from the text.

  • kirkisbetter
    kirkisbetter Community Member Posts: 19
    Perfect!  Had not seen that option before. Thank you!