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Hello all.  I'm using Lectora 17.0.5, and have a course with a simple 5-question MC score assessment at the end.  Normally SCORM 1.2 is the standard we use, but a customer recently asked for xAPI.  Cool, I've been looking for an excuse to dive into this "new" standard.

All early testing has been successful.  The course is launching, tracking, and completing as desired...with just one exception.  The customer would like to track how long a learner is taking to answer each assessment question.  They provided data log examples from iSpring and other authoring tools that show a duration attribute associated with the xAPI question result statement.  A similar question result statement from Lectora only contains the response and success values. (See attached screen shots)

Lectora does provide an xAPI duration value, but only in the automated Passed / Compld / Failed Course Statement.

Ultimately, my question is two-fold.  Is there an out-of-the-box solution to have Lectora output the duration value in an assessment question result statement?  If not, is there a custom statement that can fire on each page to capture this per page duration?

Thanks everyone!



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