Radio Group Survey results in CourseMill

I built a survey in Lectora with radio buttons only.  How do I compile a report in CourseMill which will show me the results of the selection(s) the team member chose?


  • jvalley4735
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    The only variable information that passed from Lectora to CourseMill will be a question, test, completion status, and score by default.  You'd most likely need to pass the information over using scripting.  Hoping someone can elaborate more since it's not my strong point.
  • blankgm
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    Good morning Dawn,

    Sorry for the long wait - I don't get into the groups much.

    The short answer is some work, some don't.  It depends.

    We have surveys for students to complete at the end of every curriculum.  They consist of Likert, and textual inputs.

    We have had luck in running Interaction reports to obtain returns from those surveys - however the lesson doesn't list in the available courses to run against - so you must use the Session option and select the session that your survey(s) is/are assigned.

    We get both Likert results (with statistics) and textual responses in the returned report.

    We also have an education and certification survey that we run on students in order to determine their education and training backgrounds.  To date, we have found no way of reporting student responses to this type of survey, which consists of Radio Buttons, check boxes and drop down lists.

    Hope that helps.


  • danam
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    I just forgo the entire survey option and create a test. It is not really a test, and it takes a bit of time, depending on the depth of the information that I am trying to obtain, but at least it is simple to report on. I just name it differently and have it automatically score itself 100% when submitted. All questions = 1 point and you are not required to answer all questions. Interaction reports will give you the answers to essay questions. Just warn them of the length constraints and/or make additional questions for answers that need to go over. This can get messy so if there is a big concern I ask them to elaborate through email and put the link on the page.

    Creative solutions are fun but make sure that they are well documented in your notes of the course.