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Hi, I have a trouble with setting a "completed" status of my test on LMS. To be specific: it's not only a test, it also has a chapter before and after the test. I set LMS to set the status to completed when test score is 75% or higher, but even then the status on LMS is still "in progres". Maybe it's because after the test there is still one chapter in the title, I tried to set the last page to set the variable AICC_Lesson_Status to "completed", but this variable is not available in the title I'm working on (I have no clue why...)! Maybe you know some other way to do it? Thank you in advance.


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    Hi there.  If you don't see that variable maybe you don't have the course set up as SCORM?


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    Using the KISS (keep it simple, silly)), is it an assignable unit (AU on the Home ribbon). Where do you have the AICC_Lesson_Status action set? If it's on a button that goes to a new page or on the close course button, and sometimes the next/exit happens before the set status is set, even if the set status is the first action. I add the set status as an onPageShow with the hopes it will still set it even if the user closes the course using the X on the window.

    I have a similar intermittent problem with my LMS, Pathlore, where sometimes the test score will be recorded, but the completion status is not. The response from my administrator says that it's typically related to how long the user takes between the time the values are set and closing the course. Thankfully, it's been intermittent for me and users can go back in, resume and close and the information transfers.
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    Obviously, as usually, the simplest answer is the best answer. I was so sure, that the title is defaultly set to "SCORM", that I didn't even check. Thank you very much! I'll see if it works now.