RCD - Currentview variable not working onclick - mobile

tallpress5887 Community Member Posts: 4
Hi there,

I'm having a strange issue with the current view variable. I've got a feedback group that appears when you hit a submit button (it just reveals a feedback text box that appears towards the top of the screen). my problem is, that on mobile devices when viewed in landscape or portrait, when you hit the submit button you're left at the current scroll position where the submit button is (towards the bottom of the screen) and have to manually scroll up to view the feedback.

I've got a trigger on the button to, once clicked, go to the top of the current page if CurrentView does not contain desktop. But when viewing on mobile, it doesn't jump to the top of the page at all.

Has anyone else experienced an issue with the currentview variable? or something similar? if so, any thoughts on how to get it working?

Thank you in advance!