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I  have been using Lectora and CouseMill for quite some time now and a common thread with us is the need to up the storage space of the server. Our IT department once again is refusing to grow the space for us and is asking us to give them good reason or delete files.

Can you delete files? Won't that delete student records?

Has anyone else run into this? What do you do?




  • nhaven1609
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    It is really not a good idea to delete your course content to delete students as a way to save space. If you have test courses that you no longer need and has no completion records that are useful, those can be deleted.

    You may want to check the log file of both Tomcat and CourseMill it's self. Old logs are a good way to free up space if logging is turned on for both applications.

    Unfortunately, these items don't help and you IT team is unwilling to expand your drive, you may consider going Hosted with CourseMill. Hosted CourseMill clients do not need to worry about space, the CourseMill team is alerted when space is low on server, and we expand the drives to meet the those needs. Usually this is done with out our clients needing to contact us.

    If you have more questions on where your log files might be. Just let me know if this is a Windows server of a Linux server and I can point your IT team in the right direction.