Show correct feedback after max allowed attempts

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I have set the quiz questions to have a max of 3 attempts to answer the quiz question correctly. If they answer 3 times incorrectly, I would like it to show the correct answer(have the correct bullet selected) and to show the correct feedback.

How would I do this?




  • jasonadal
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    You can do this with a combination of tracking the attempts with a variable and JavaScript.

    Depending on how you are processing the question changes the method. If you're using a submit button, then you only need the actions on the button. If you use process immediately, then you have to put the actions on each radio button using OnSelectChange.

    The attached sample has it set up both ways. You need to make sure you update the JavaScript to target the radio button's input id. Use the Radio value from the properties and add "id" to the end.
  • jasonadal
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    I forgot to note in my previous post that you have to preview in browser to see the full functionality. I'm not sure why, but the feedback messages don't pop-up when in Run mode.

    @jvalley4735 - On a side note, I'm not seeing the Edit option on my posts in IE or Firefox. :(
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    @JasonADal Did you make the change within 15 minutes of posting?  If not the system automatically removes the option to mitigate the risk of confusing people who are posting on the thread.
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    That would explain it - I posted, went to lunch and *poof* edit was gone. Thanks!
  • approg
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    In Lectora 17 the question creator dialog has an Attempts tab. Under it you can set the maximum number of attempts allowed and to enable feedback for maximum attempts. The feedback can be running an action group that does whatever you want it to do - easy!