New laptop: Increased Font Size

nwilliams3743 Community Member Posts: 74
Hi all,

I have received a new laptop at work which is definitely an upgrade in all areas.

However, when opening .awt files I developed on my old laptop, the font size for every text box and button has increased by 2 or 3 font sizes.  Decreasing the font sizes then requires them text boxes/buttons to be positioned correctly again.

Has anyone experienced this before? Both laptops were by the same manufacturer


  • nwilliams3743
    nwilliams3743 Community Member Posts: 74
    I should note the same version of Lectora was used for both machines
  • jasonadal
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    Two questions: Is it a custom font? Were you using text styles for the text in the buttons? It's possible that the new installation of Lectora reverted to an "original" text style. An example of this is the installation on my laptop versus my desktop. I have a "drop down text" custom text style on my desktop, but not on my laptop. I didn't see the behavior before I created the text style on my laptop on the same course, but it may be something to check.
  • eleinbach4818
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    Hi Nick,

    I am having the same issue. When i upgraded to lectora 18 all my fonts appear way larger than normal. My 14 looks like an 18pt font. I have to resize everything. I'm worried that if i do that, when i publish to a LMS it will re-size and then be extra small.
  • nwilliams3743
    nwilliams3743 Community Member Posts: 74
    Hi Elizabeth,

    My issue was the DPI settings. My older laptop had 100% set as the default, whereas my newer laptop set the DPI settings to 125% by default. I had to change the DPI manually back to 100%


    You can access this setting by navigating to Control Panel > Display

    Hope this helps!