Uploading document into a published course?

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Hi group!
I have a client that came with a request I never had before. He wants the users to be able to upload an image grom the course itself.

In the first place, I though to use a button on the "question's" page, with instructions, that opens either a dropbox or an intranet folder on the client's side to let them upload the image.

The client says he doesn't really wants to check every image to see if they answered correctly, but rather than they do the action the answer.

Is any of you already had this kind of case? Do you see any other way to perform this?

Thanks in advance!


  • smiller7502
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    I think I would simulate this rather than trying to actually make it work.
  • cfroehlich4919
    cfroehlich4919 Community Member Posts: 8
    This idea is in the list too... How would you do this? With javascript?
  • jasonadal
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    I'm potentially doing this in one of my courses under development using simulation. You could do it with pure Lectora actions and screen shots. It would be a good amount of Show/Hide clicks and carefully placed buttons. You can set variables to track each click to make sure they complete each action (open browse window, select correct file, click ok, etc).

    If I create my simulation for attaching/opening a file, I can post it so you can get an idea of how I would do it.

  • cfroehlich4919
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    Thanks Jason for the info... I think I forgot some details: the client wants the user to take a picture with their phone for exemple, and then upload it from the course... So i can't simulate this behavior with screen capture... It isn't a how to, but king of an answer to a quiz question.

    And to ad fun to this, the course will be followed by up to 10k person all over the world, with all types of environnements and systems... :)
  • klaatu
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    Keep in mind that this was written before seamless play was implemented so make sure you either turn that off to use this or I'm pretty sure it'll have to be altered to work in an iframe.