Lectora 17 - IE 11.09 -- Compatibility Mode

coreytdog Community Member Posts: 11
Here's a weird one...

We created courses with Lectora 17.03 and published them with Seamless Play off as courses don't work correctly in the Cornerstone Mobile App with Seamless on.

We are now getting odd reports from colleagues working remotely over VPN on computer. They are taking a course and it works until the Submit button is clicked. At that point, a score is sent to the Cornerstone LMS, but the course won't advance, which means the course never marks itself complete in the LMS.

We've determined that this only happens to users who have Display Internet Sites in Compatibility View checked in IE 11.09. If the user unchecks that box from IE settings, the course works as designed. The score posts, the course moves forward and is set complete in the LMS.

Again, the course works perfectly until the Submit button is clicked and works perfectly if the user has Compatibility View unchecked in IE. The course works with Compatibility View checked or unchecked if the user is taking the course from the office and not over VPN.

We don't have this issue with courses published in Lectora 16. Just the ones we've recently developed in 17.03. (Yes, I know 17.05 is available, but we are upgrades by our IT department and that can take some time to go through channels.)

Anybody have any thoughts?


  • mnotermans5114
    mnotermans5114 Community Member Posts: 916
    Cornerstone has a setting to force IE to any version. Playing with the different settings there might solve this for you.
  • coreytdog
    coreytdog Community Member Posts: 11
    Thanks. We've tried that with Cornerstone, but IE is overriding our settings. (Stupid Microsoft!).

    We have been adding a line of embed code to force Edge compatibility, and are now seeing two lines. Can anyone from Lectora confirm that Lectora now adds Edge compatibility code on publish?