V 11 - Test Results page not capturing student name or score

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I have a competency course that was originally built in Inspire 11, and I have updated the content also in V11. The course contains a 22-question test that asks the learner to correctly identify EKG rhythm strips. So, each multiple choice"question" is an image of a particular strip, with 4 possible responses. The learner must choose one response, the question properties are set to one attempt,  and clicking Next processes the question.

Test properties include Grade the Test, Include in Overall Score, and Show Results.

The Custom results page is set to show the Incorrect question only, question number, and the learner's answer. The learner is instructed to print the results page if they do not pass, so that they can receive follow-up training.

Problem - The Results page header is not pulling in the student's name or the numeric score. 

The course is published to SCORM 1.2, and is hosted on an LMS that is behind our firewall, on a Citrix server farm, and uses IE10.  I cannot add any actions to the Results page or Header to fix on my end. Any ideas on why the Results page is misbehaving?  Thanks!



  • timk
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    Do you have a "Process Test / Survey" action on the last page?

    Make sure to publish with "Use Javascript Title Manager" and "Include Title Manager Frame". If I remember correctly both can be deactivated in v11 although they are required.
  • dianeg
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    Hi Tim,

    Thanks so much for responding. I do have a "process test/survey" action on the last page, and when publishing I have Use Java Script Title Manager selected. Include Title Manger Frame is selected but dithered out, i.e., pre-selected. Unfortunately, the Results page is still not puling in the student name or numeric score.

    IT has applied a number of Microsoft security updates and patches lately to all servers. There may be some impact from the updates, but I'm not seeing how . . .
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    If you continue to have issues feel free to either share the file on here or submit a support ticket for further review.